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“Ärad vare Hagbard”

Skövde Sexmästeri

The Swedish word to “Sexa” is an ancient version of the word for “to feast” (Swe “Festa”).

A sexmästeri, also called festmästeri, klubbverk, klubbmästeri or festeri is a student society or group with responsibility to organize parties for fellow students within the Swedish university and college world.

About Us

Skövde Sexmästeri is a local society based on members that are studying at the University of Skövde. We who are members of the society are students who want to have as much fun as possible during the the student time in life and we want promote it for the better in Skövde. It is we who drive and take care of our dear house (Kårhuset Boulogner or KB). As a member, you are invited to our exclusive events. You’ll meet lots of lovely people and new friends.


Skövde Sexmästeri är en festförening för studenter som läser vid Högskolan i Skövde. Vi som är medlemmar i föreningen är studenter som vill ha så roligt som möjligt under studietiden och främja studentlivet i Skövde. Det är vi som driver och tar hand om vårt kära kårhus (Kårhuset Boulogner eller KB). Som medlem blir du inbjuden till våra exklusiva tillställningar, träffar massor med härliga människor, glassar på ditt CV med engagemang och får många andra fördelar.

Some of the perks of being an active member:

  • Staff discounts on beverages.
  • VIP queue
  • Always free entry
  • Go on a party trip to other universities in Sweden
  • Test new things, such as mixing drinks, mixing music and much more!
  • Earn extras Hundreds of new friends and a large network of contacts for the future
  • Invitation to exclusive parties Access to own clubhouse
  • Training in fire protection, alcohol service etc!
  • Gain experience to your resumé

“Joining Skösex was probably one of the best choices I made during my studies at HIS! The fantastic community and knowledge that the society brings has made my years here the best ever!”


Work Groups

We in the society work together to run the Kårhuset Boulogner. In order to offer the best, we have two main branches into which you can specialise yourself on. 

Do you love to organize the best party? In Skövde Sexmästeri you’ll get the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the bar and restaurant. Don’t forget that you can also use your new drinking skills to brag at any party. In addition, Skövde Sexmästeri is an obvious place for lovely and driven people and we are always looking for more members!

Skövde City University DJs (SCUD). We are the DJs at Kårhuset Boulogner. With us you will learn how to mix music, put light on the dancefloor but also how to handle the equipment. You’ll start as an aspirant and learn from experienced SCUDs until you are ready enough to take upon dance floor yourself. Everyone has their own special DJ style and you will of course discover and explore your own.

Board 2018 – 2019

Markus 'Åke' Helvinsson
Markus 'Åke' Helvinsson
Viktor 'Milkshake' Persson
Viktor 'Milkshake' Persson
Vice Sexmästare
(Human Resources)
Gustav 'Boii' Vikström
Gustav 'Boii' Vikström
Zandra 'Zäta' Alte
Zandra 'Zäta' Alte
(Chief of Economi)
Carl-Olof 'Beiver' Söderström
Carl-Olof 'Beiver' Söderström
(Chief of Entertainment)
Jimmy Broman
Jimmy Broman
(Chief of Products)
Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson
(Chief of Commercial and Brand)
Johan Axdorph
Johan Axdorph
(Chief of Music & DJs)
Paula Delin
Paula Delin
(Chief of House)

Do you want to be a part of it?

Press the button below to send an email to our HR in order to schedule a “try it out”-session. Alternatively, you can email us directly to [email protected]