We’re inviting you to Skövde’s students’ own nightclub, complete with several dance floors and exclusive bars. Sometimes we have festive theme nights where you enter for free if you have dressed according to the theme. These can sometimes occur on Saturdays instead of regular Fridays.


Entrance Fees

First hour: Free entrance for students, SEK 20 for guests.
Manned cloak room is free for use to all visitors throughout the evening.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, we currently have no dance floors open!


In the middle of the week, we open the building for a cozy and traditional pub. We have our large bar open on the bottom floor and we serve food from our Pub menu at extremely reasonable prices. For entertainment, we sometimes organize Open mic nights, Pubquizes and also Beerpong tournaments. Of course, Caps circles are also commonplace.


Entrance Fees

On Wednesdays, there is no manned cloak room open. Unguarded coat hangers are instead available for free for jackets and bags. Note that we do not take any responsibility for lost valuables!

Skövdes Largest Party for Students

Kårhuset Boulogner (KB)receives over 20,000 guests each year and is run by more than 100 dedicated people who voluntarily in their spare time organize over 100 events per year. The association has worked for 25 years to offer students a social meeting place off campus to socialize and make new contacts.

The most common events are our pub and club nights, where the average student can have a bite to eat in the middle of the week from our pub menu, or dance and socialize for the weekend. The association also has its own social purpose towards its members, who want to make more of their own study time and meet new friends.
The association is the first student party association in Skövde with thousands of alumni and a very large network of contacts.

“The events here always leaves me with a smile on my face. Here you’ll meet fantastic people who brings the best of the night out. Big praise to Skösex who runs the business for us students! “


We welcome everyone at the door who meets the following requirements:

  • Is at least 18 years old.
  • Has a valid ID (Driver’s license / Passport / National ID). < / li>
  • Has a valid StudentID Card (physically or digitally in the app).

No problem! You as a student can bring up to 2 guests to KB who are not studying at a university.

  1. Stand in the regular entrance queue and enter together.
  2. You as a student must show valid ID and StudentID.
  3. Your guest must only show valid ID. 18+ also applies to guests!

You may not consume or take in opened drinks to KB.

If you on the other hand have a bag with unopened drinks / alcohol, it’s OK to store it in our cloak room for free during your stay.

We accept Cash, VISA, MasterCard & American Express.

On some evenings, pre-sales are offered for the evening. If you have pre-purchased an entrance, you can quickly slide in via the VIP entrance to the right of the regular one. Note that you must be able to present your unique ticket for us to scan.

Absolutely! We are happy to welcome students from other universities as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • Is at least 18 years old.
  • Has a valid ID (Driver’s license / Passport / National ID) .
  • Have a valid Student ID Card (physically or digitally in the app).

During the first weeks of the semester, temporary student verifications (in the form of a bracelets) are usually issued by the Student Union on campus, which we accept instead of a Student ID Card.

Have you not yet received neither yet, feel free to ask a fellow student to bring you inside as a guest.

If you are not a student yourself, a friend of yours must bring you in as a guest.

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