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Fridays / Saturdays

We invite you to Skövde’s own pub & club, exclusive to students. With two floors, open spaces, multiple dance floors and bars, you won’t be disappointed! Sometimes we have festive theme nights where you come in for free if you have dressed up according to the theme.

Upcoming Events


  • 22:00 – 02:00

  • 3 Bars

  • 2 Dance floors

  • 18+


  • Student: 50 SEK

  • Guest: 70 SEK

Free entrance first hour for students, 20 SEK for guests.

Cloakroom is free for all guests during the entire evening. Read more below for more info.



In the middle of the week, we open the first floor in the building for a cozy and traditional pub. We have our large bar open and we serve food and beverages from our Pub menu at extremely affordable prices. For entertainment, Open mic, Pubquiz, but also Beerpong tournaments, are often organized. Of course Cap’s circles belong to the usual.

Upcoming Events


  • 20:00 – 01:00

  • 1 Bar

  • 18+


  • Free!

On Wednesdays, there are movable coat hangers available for you to hang up jackets or bags on (no staffed cloakroom).

Skövdes Largest Student Party

Kårhuset Boulogner (KB) receives over 20,000 guests each year and is run by just over 100 dedicated people who voluntarily organize over 100 events a year. The society has for over 25 years been working hard to offer students a social meeting place outside the campus to socialize and establish new contacts.

The most common events include our pub and club nights, where the common student can take a snack in the middle of the week from our pub menu, or dance and socialize for the weekend. The society behind also has its own social purpose for its members, who want to do more of their own study time and meet new friends. The society is the first student party association in Skövde with thousands of alumni members and a very large contact network.

Entrance information

We have 18+ at all our events.

Valid ID + Student Certificate (Mecenat / Studentkort) is a requirement to get in. If these are not brought with you, you can be denied entrance.

We accept the following payment methods in the entrance and in our bars:

  • Cash (SEK)
  • Debit/Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express)

Not a student?

Each registered student can bring along an optional guest who does not need to be a student when entering KB’s opening evenings.

To use guest credentials, the following applies:

  • You as a student must in the usual order carry a valid ID document and Student certificate.
  • You as a guest must bring a valid ID document (18+ applies).
  • You have to go through the entrance together.

The events and opening nights hosted at Kårhuset Boulogner always leaves me with a smile on my lips. You’ll meet fantastic people and staff who adds to make the best of a night out. Great praise to Skövde Sexmästeri (The Society) who conducts their effort for us students!”